Harga HP HTC Terbaru

Harga HP HTC Skype has just launched a video messaging. This new service allows users to send video footage to their contact list. 

As reported by the Telegraph and quoted on Tuesday (19/02/2013), each video can be up to three minutes duration. The video message can be played directly when the receiver online. 

For video messaging is currently only available for iOS devices, Android and Mac, for users who pay for the upgrade to Skype Premium. For Windows client and Windows Phone, just to try out this service for full service next April.

Now, they have not got the features ‘send’, but can receive video messages sent by other users. In Android and iOS, this new service works using the front camera. 

To switch to the rear camera, there is an option to change it. Special on Mac, users have the option to download the video message they receive. 

A number of technology blogs and websites say Harga Blackberry, this service can not be juxtaposed with Vine, features the newly released video sharing Twitter. This feature only lasted six seconds. 

Skype said the new service launched in beta. So, get ready to taste a more advanced version. 

Harga HP Lenovo Terbaru

Harga HP Lenovo Determination of Rp 146.808 billion curator fee charged to Telkomsel also seized the attention of many parties. Including legal practitioner who also works as a curator. Chairman of the Indonesian Advocates Association, Central Jakarta Branch, James Purba, for example.

Lawyer who also works as a curator of this judge, disputes between Telkomsel and team pailitnya curator who handled the case, should be able to resolve this matter amicably.

Because according to him, of the rule of law, either using the new No. Permenkumham. 1/2013 and Decree of the Minister of Justice before No..9/1998, the curator is entitled to a fee.

"Only problem is, the fee to be paid the amount so naturally only. If Telkomsel have to pay a fee of Rp 146.8 billion, it is too big and unnatural. Was my view from the independent side," said James argued by telephone on Friday (15.02.2013).

As reported previously, Telkomsel curator refused to pay a fee of Rp 146.808 billion to maturity today. Meanwhile, a team of curators pailitnya case also insisted Telkomsel have to pay if you do not want to be sued subpoena.

Both sides of this disagreement about Harga HP Asus the legal basis used in the determination of this case. Telkomsel just want to pay with a few hours of work (playing hours), while the team of curators remain based at Central Jakarta District Court ruling that calculates a percentage fee of the total assets.

Addressing this issue, James argues. According Permenkumham he cites, curator of fee calculation should not be based on the percentage of total assets as Telkomsel bankrupt proved he decides an appeal by the Supreme Court.